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Road Trip
Petrol Cost of petrol
Campervan Hire Cost of campervan hire
Food Price Cost of inexpensive meal
Tourism Safety Safety and security in country
Road Safety Road traffic deaths in country
National Parks Quality of national parks on route
Points of Interest Number of points of interest on route
Overall Score
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50 unbeatable road trips

around the world

Discover some of the best road trips the world has to offer. We’ve mapped these out according to popular routes and roads, but you may wish to detour and make your own journey.
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We searched the internet to find some of the most popular and lesser known road trips across the world, taking information from various websites and sources about road trips from across the world.

We collected 7 data points for each roadtrip to find the best of the best and determine a ranking.

Petrol Cost

Petrol price taken from the GlobalPetrolPrices.com

Campervan Cost

Cost of campervan hire taken from Camperscanner.com, the cost was based on a one week hire of a standard campervan with the pick up location at the nearest point to the start of each route, and drop of location at the nearest point to the end of each route.

Food Price

Price of an inexpensive meal in the nearest city, taken from Numbeo’s Cost of Living

Tourism Safety

The safety and security score from the World Economic Forum for each country.

Road Safety

Data taken from Death on Roads which is based on the WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018

National Parks

The quality of national parks and monuments within a 20 mile radius of each route were collected from Roadtrippers. The rating for each park was collected from Google and averaged to give an overall quality rating. Where there were no National Parks within 20 miles of the route, a score of 0 was given.

Points of Interest

The number of points of interest within a 10 mile radius of each route were collected from Roadtrippers. The total number of points of interest was divided by the number of miles for each route to give a fair number.