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14 important things to check when maintaining a car

Advice and Tips // 12 April 2016

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Being a car owner comes with many additional responsibilities. The first thing you will need to remember is to keep your car maintenance up to date in order to save you any extra hassle and money such as breakdowns.


The most obvious thing you should be doing is getting your car serviced regularly when required. Here’s a list of simple checks you can do in order to maintain your car.

1)   It’s important to know the correct tyre pressures and to check them every two weeks at the very least. To do this, it’s best to use a quality gauge or a garage air line.

2)   Check the tyre treads and the condition of the tyre itself. If you notice any cuts on the sidewalls or whether a specific tyre needs more air over others, you may be looking at a slow puncture.

3)   With your car should be a toolkit installed inside the vehicle. This should include a jack and wheel removal tools.

4)   If your car has locking wheel nuts, do make sure the toolkit has a key or removal tool for this.

5)   Pop open the bonnet of your car and check the dipstick every two weeks, especially if you are heading off on a long journey.

6)   When it’s time to get your car serviced, do make sure your oil and filter is changed at the recommended time as engine problems can occur with high oil consumption.

7)   Another part of the bonnet you should be checking is the coolant level at regular intervals, topping it up when you need to. However it’s best to check when the engine is cold.

8)   Your antifreeze concentration should be checked before and during the winter as it helps stop the buildup of corrosion and inside the cooling system.

9)   You might notice that when it’s raining, your wipers tend to smear the screen. If this happens, it’s important you replace them at least once a year as they have been worn out.

10)   Check your windscreen for any cracks or minor chips.  Bear in mind that these will only get bigger if you do not get it seen by a windscreen specialist.

11)   Check your front and back lights regularly. Including brake lights, indicators, and reverse lights.

12)   Make sure your lights are cleaned in case of bad weather. Remember to wipe them down regularly, especially if you are on long journeys and are driving in rough weather.

13)   The vehicles fluid reservoir should be checked each time you get your car serviced. This should only be done using the correct hydraulic fluid.

14)   If you notice any damage to the bodywork, do remember to get this sorted as soon as possible. This will prevent any rust from developing.


Doing these simple checks may save you a lot of money, stress and any chance of breakdown. If you fail to service your car at the right intervals or forget to carry out these checks you could put your car at risk of getting damaged.