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5 best cars for transporting bikes

Advice and Tips // 09 June 2016

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Bicycles are great for a variety of reasons. Good for exercise, reducing pollution and for enjoying the outdoors, cycling is a popular activity for many across the country. With the summer fast approaching, conditions will be at their best for cycling as the weather warms up and the roads are dry.

How do you transport your bike though? Sometimes you will need to load up the car so you can enjoy that country trip or maybe even a long ride abroad. To help you out we’ve put together a list of some of the best cars around for transporting bikes.

Vauxhall Mokka

This compact crossover has actually been designed with cyclists in mind. In the rear bumper there is an integrated FlexFix bike rack that slides in and out of the car for whenever you need it. The simple design means that you can quickly set up and put away the rack at a moment’s notice. It holds one bike although there is an attachment that can raise that to three bikes. This means you can take your bikes wherever you need to go whilst also retaining all of the interior space for other use.

Vauxhall Adam

Similar to the Mokka above, the Adam also has the option of a FlexFix bike rack. This time though it is on a three-door hatchback, for those who want a much smaller and sportier looking car. Overall the Adam is a great city car and with the bike rack allows you to get cycling outside the city.

Honda Civic Tourer

The Tourer is a great car for transporting bikes. It has a 624 litre capacity boot which rises to an impressive 1,668 litres when you put the seats down. When you combine its large boot opening and flat folding seats, carrying your bikes in the Civic Tourer becomes very easy. It also has the option of a tow bar meaning you can carry bikes in a trailer if you wish to do so. Honda also created a concept car called the Civic Tourer Active Life. This car was designed specifically for cyclists and has an extendable loading rack for two bikes. It even has an integrated air pump as well as a roof box to carry any further accessories you might need such as helmets. Although it has not been confirmed for production it is definitely worth keeping an eye on for cycling enthusiasts.

Skoda Yeti

Another car that has a large boot space. Putting the seats down in the Yeti will leave you with 1,720 litres of space – ideal for transporting bikes. If this wasn’t enough, Skoda also offers some attachments to make life even easier for cyclists. There is a lockable bike carrier so that you can strap your bikes to the roof without worrying about their safety. Even better though, is the internal bike holder that allows you to easily hold two bikes in the luggage area of the car.

Nissan Leaf

This is far from the biggest car, but has been included on the list as it is electric. Many cyclists like to cycle because it contributes to a decrease in emissions – which, obviously, the Nissan Leaf also helps with. When you fold the seats down, there is 720 litres of space. This is clearly a lot less than the other cars listed but is still enough to hold a bike whilst also using no petrol.