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5 Must Have Apps for Driving

Advice and Tips // 09 June 2016

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Between forgetting where you’ve parked to filling up your tank to finding a cheaper station a few miles away, driving can sometimes be quite annoying.

To help make your driving experience a little better we’ve rounded up a list of driving apps that will help you save money, avoid traffic and even reduce road rage.

#1 My Cars

My Cars is the perfect app to help manage driving costs, the app is designed to help users keep track of outgoings using various logging tools for your expenses. The app includes features such as a fuel logger, efficiency program and maintenance recorder.

The app allows you to keep a record and manage costs of insurance, parking and petrol which is great if you have a monthly budget you must stick to. The app is easy to use and allows you to add multiple vehicles and has a setting to add reminders for servicing, MOT and tax to ensure you never forget anything car related.

#2 Find my car

We’ve all done it, losing your car is easier than it sounds. Parking in that packed shopping center car park in a rush only to return to the spot you know you parked in, to be greeted by another car.

Find My Car has granted your wish to never lose your car, helping you never forget where you’ve parked again. The App simply uses the GPS in your smartphone to pinpoint the position of the car, and then on your return direct you back to your car.

Pretty simple, you just have to remember to log your position on the app before you leave your car.

#3 AA Parking

Finding cheap parking that isn’t a half hour walk from your meeting can be challenging. With AA Parking you’ll never worry about finding the perfect parking space again. The database cover both paid and free car parks in the UK and Ireland, and, an added bonus in some areas it includes a real-time option for parking space availability, opening hours, and ticket prices.

The app even integrates with Google Maps Navigation to help you find your way to your chosen car park, fuss free.

#4 What Gas Petrol Prices

Filling up your tank at your local petrol station is always a risk, you never know what fuel prices are round the corner. Unless you have What Gas Petrol Prices of course. The app pinpoints your closest and cheapest petrol station, helping you save money every time you fill up.

The app locates the cheapest prices for LPG petrol, unleaded and diesel in your area and also covers countries including UK, Ireland, Germany and Hungary. It currently includes over 50,000 petrol stations including big supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda, as well as smaller local petrol stations.

#5 RAC Traffic

Sitting in traffic on a sunny afternoon is probably the worst way to spend your weekend, but with the RAC traffic app you won’t have this problem. It updates you with live trouble hotspots for the entire UK.

The app updates regularly to show you up to the minute information on both major and minor routes. With the help of Google Maps it can warn drivers whom are driving towards a traffic zone. It also has a great feature letting you call the RAC direct from app just in case you ever break down and need a hand.