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6 Tips for Improving your Road Safety

Advice and Tips // 09 June 2016

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As time goes by it can be easy to relax on your road safety vigilance, but it’s important to refresh your memory every now and then. Keeping road safety in mind when driving is an extremely important factor in avoiding collisions and other accidents. We have put together some important tips to improve your road safety when driving.

#1 Wear Your Seatbelt

This might seem like an obvious one to start with but it is also one of the most important. Not only is it the law to wear a seatbelt but it can also save your life. Many road collisions happen without people anticipating them and a seatbelt can be the only thing keeping a driver and their passengers safe.

#2 Anticipate

No matter how safely you are driving yourself, you can’t rely on others to always be doing the same. This makes it important to be aware of the cars around you when driving. By watching out for anything unusual from other drivers you are more likely to avoid potential hazards that could occur.

#3 Keep Your Distance

Keeping at least 2 seconds of space between you and the driver in front is a very easy rule to follow but one that many don’t. By doing this you dramatically decrease your chances of crashing in to the car ahead if there isn’t a sudden stop. This is even more important during wet or low visibility conditions. On wet roads you should increase your distance to 6 seconds as the risk of skidding is much greater.

#4 Reduce Your Speed

There are several good reasons to reduce your speed when you drive but the main one is it can save lives. You are more than twice as likely to kill someone if you hit them at 35mph than if you hit someone at 30mph. Just 5mph less gives you a much better chance of reacting in time to any hazards. It also saves on petrol costs as slower driving is more economical.

#5 Avoid Distractions

Eating, text messaging or putting on makeup – all of these things are major distractions when driving. It’s important to stay away from distractions while driving as even a split second of lost concentration can make a difference. Keep any loose items you have in the glovebox or in a bag out of reach so that you aren’t tempted to reach for them. The best rule to follow is, if something else is taking your attention away from driving, pull over before you try to deal with it.

#6 Take A Break

Tiredness is a big cause of motor accidents every year but there are steps you can take to avoid it. When driving long distances try and plan stops along the way where you can get some fresh air and stretch your legs. If you are travelling with others then sharing the driving can also be a great way to avoid tiredness. If you do find yourself getting tired whilst driving, caffeinated drinks like coffee can provide a short term boost in alertness.