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Best time of the year to buy a new car

Advice and Tips // 25 April 2016

Getting a new car can be a costly experience, finding the best deal is very important as you could save a great deal of money. Getting the best deal on both a new or used car can depend on the many factors, including the time of year you buy it.

It is important to keep an eye on the calendar so that you can take full advantage of any seasonal factors that could affect the car trade as well as any time periods that affect dealers.

Consider new number plates

Each year new number plates are released in March and September which usually means throughout February and August you can find some great deals.

If you are looking at purchasing a brand new car, sales of new cars tend to be very slow throughout February and August. This is because people will be waiting to get the newest plate possible. Dealers can offer some great discounts because of this.

End of quarter targets

Dealers always have targets they need to hit and these usually fall around the end of each quarter, particularly the end of June and December.

Hitting their sales target means they will get a better bonus, so selling a car is in their best interest. If dealers have not hit their targets that year they will more than likely offer you a better deal in an attempt to try and get the sale.

Consider the time of week

Showrooms tend to be quieter on weekdays, so try to stop by on a Friday when a dealer will be keen to meet their weekly target. This will give you the advantage of the dealership being quiet and the salesperson needing to hit target.

Don’t buy a new model straight away

If you are about to buy a brand new model wait a few months until the buzz has calmed down. By this time there will be less interest and you might be able to get a better deal.

Use new number plates to your advantage

New number plates are released in March and September, which means these are the peak months for buyers to get a brand new car and possibly do a part-exchange.

Dealers will tend to have more used cars to sell during this period, putting you in a better position for negotiating.

Think about timing for specific cars

If you are looking to buy a convertible they are most popular in spring and summer so in order to try and get the best deal wait until winter when the demand is lower. Similarly four-wheel-drive vehicles have a higher demand in the autumn and winter due to the poorer weather so try and buy during the summer.