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Buying a used car in 2014? Take a look at the best buys for the year

Advice and Tips // 02 January 2014

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Buying a used car can seem a little daunting when choosing which make and model are likely to hold value and where you’re most likely to pick up a bargain. Take a look at MSN’s guide to bagging yourself a great deal in 2014 and the guide price range.


City cars

Kia Picanto: £4,200- £7,500

Volkswagen Up!: £6,300- £8,000



Audi A1: £9,500- £12,000

Ford Fiesta: £4,500- £9,000


Family cars

Hyundai i30: £3,000-£8,000

Mazda3: £5,500- £9,700


Large family cars

Vauxhall Insignia: £5,500- £14,000

Volvo V60: £14,000- £20,000



Nissan Qashqai: £6,000- £10,000

Range Rover Evoque: £25,000- £30,000


Sports cars

Porshe 911: £35,000- £50,000

Ranault Clio Renaultsport 200: £7,000- £10,000


Luxury cars

BMW 3 Series: £6,000- £30,000

Mercedes-Benz S-Class: £15,000- £40,000


Convertible cars

Audi A4 Cabriolet: £7,000- £12,000

Nissan 370z Roadster: £16,000- £20,000


Seven- seater cars

Ford S-Max: £6,000- £14,000

Hyundai i800: £10,000- £12,000

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