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Car Insurance Costs – how to cut them the high tech way

Advice and Tips // 19 June 2014

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With insurance premiums sky rocketing, and car insurance scams such as “crash for cash” it can be difficult to figure out how to best protect your vehicle whilst lowering insurance premiums. There are some very clever devices on the market today that could do just that. Here are some the best:

Black box

Although this may seem intrusive, for the safe drivers among us this tiny device could help save you money. It records how you drive, whilst relaying information to your insurance company such as braking force, steering input and vehicle speed.  The smoother and better your anticipation  – the better price for you.


Whilst very similar to the “black box” – Vehicle trackers use GPS Technology to locate the car, so if your car is stolen and driven in a manner that is not recognised to your own, some devices may even be able to alert the police, the vehicle tracking company and yourself to the whereabouts of your vehicle, to help you to get your car back. This will reduce the risk of the insurance company having to pay for a claim and therefore lowers your premiums.

Autonomous braking

Crash avoidance systems are the latest technology to be fitted to new cars. The sensors are mounted in the front of the car, and will apply pressure to the brakes for you  when the car is heading towards an object and it senses that a collision about to happen.


This may sound fairly obvious, but extra precautions in securing your garage could help to reduce premiums – things like extra heavy duty locks, alarm systems or even electric garage doors. The more secure your vehicle, the less you should have to pay.

Dash Cam

This is a neat little camera that is mounted to your vehicles dashboard. In a bid to cut “crash for cash” fraudsters, the camera will monitor the route of your journey and if you were to have an accident would record exactly how the accident happened and, more importantly, will prove who was at fault during a collision.