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Diesel Cars: The Facts

Advice and Tips // 25 September 2015

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What is the concern?

The main concern is the levels of pollution emitted by diesel cars, and the effects that this could have upon our health. This comes after Volkswagen were caught out and admitted to cheating emissions tests in the US. Devices were found in diesel engines which could detect when the vehicle was being tested and adjusted performance accordingly.

Emissions Testing

EU Laws states that all cars sold in the UK have to undergo an official emissions test which is the toughest yet. The latest emissions standard is Euro-6 which means that all cars registered in the EU from 1st September 2015 have to meet this standard.

What does the data say?

According to SMMT data, the latest diesel cars are the cleanest they have ever been and high tech filters “capture 99% of all soot particles and exhaust after-treatments, reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 84% since 2000”.

What you can do to help reduce your own emissions

Below is some advice from the BBC which applies to all cars:

  • Make sure to get your vehicle serviced regularly.
  • If you are stationary for more than one minute, it is recommended to switch off your engine.
  • Understand the importance of sticking to speed limits, particularly on motorways.
  • Do not accelerate unnecessarily.

For more information about emissions testing please visit the SMMT website: