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Fuel- how far will you risk it?

Advice and Tips // 27 August 2014

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It’s a question that I am sure all of us have asked ourselves,  “can I get a bit more mileage out of the already over used tank?” –  Thousands of motorists a year are rescued by breakdown firms after running out of fuel, so how low do you go?  According to a survey, 30% of us wait until the warning light comes on before taking a trip to the garage to fill up and one in four people admit to running out of fuel, and not just once but time and time again – so when will we learn our lesson?

Stranded motorists account for 50,000 of the AA and RAC’S emergency callouts every year which seems like a high number for something so easily avoided!

The trouble is no two cars are the same so when it comes to knowing how much is really left in the tank when the light comes on, well I guess this could be a try it and see?!  However fuel gages aren’t always accurate and the capacity reserve varies amongst different models, some cars can cut out without warning if there is not enough juice to keep it going, it’s always good to get into the habit of thinking low fuel light equals no fuel as supposed to waiting to the last minute and getting caught short!

The trouble is as petrol levels start to get low you will start picking up debris from the bottom of the tank and this can damage both the fuel filter and the pump, in a worst case it could lead to the fuel pump to run dry which could mean costs upward of £200 for the garage to fix!  Modern diesel cars have engine management systems that shut down before you run out of fuel, preventing what could be thousands of pounds of damage to the vehicle however; with Petrol cars there are no such systems in place.

Filling up before you come to a stop certainly makes more sense!