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What do lenders typically look for?

Advice and Tips // 27 January 2017 blog image

Whether you have gone through the process of applying for car finance before, or this is your first time, there are some details that many don’t know about the process. The biggest question of all is what do lenders actually look for in order to approve an application for car… Read more

Petrol or Diesel

Advice and Tips // 25 August 2016

When it comes to buying a car a lot of different factors come in to play, model, size, colour, price and even the cost to run over time. One of the biggest questions to ask when deciding the long term cost is ‘Should I get a petrol or diesel-powered car?’… Read more

Seven tips to improve your credit score

Advice and Tips // 18 August 2016

Your credit score plays a big part in some of the major financial decisions in your life, such as buying a house or considering financing a bigger family car. Here’s how finance companies decide to offer car finance. Here are a few tips to help improve your credit scores.… Read more

8 ways to increase your credit score without using credit cards

Advice and Tips // 18 August 2016

Your credit report is very important as it can directly affect your ability to borrow money and it impacts any credit terms offered. So if you possess a pristine record, you’re likely to qualify for 0% credit. However, if you’ve not got a pristine record, you’ll likely be turned away… Read more

What your dashboard symbols mean

Advice and Tips // 24 June 2016

Your car dashboard is full of different features, including the numerous dashboard symbols. These symbols that pop up every now and then are a sign that something isn’t right. First of all, some lights are specific to your model so it is important to check your handbook if you can’t… Read more