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What to look out for when you test-drive

Advice and Tips // 20 August 2019

We are faced with an ever-increasing choice in the car market and deciding on a new vehicle can be a lengthy and sometimes stressful process. It doesn’t even stop after you’ve chosen when to buy, your budget and preferred make and model. So below we are sharing our top Read more

5 easy ways to save money on your commute

Advice and Tips // 07 August 2019

Ever wondered on your drive to work how you can make your commute cheaper? Well, we’ve spoken to the experts and we’ve found the top 5 ways to ensure your car isn’t guzzling too much fuel. 1. Drive more efficiently Driving more effectively and efficiently can lower your fuel consumption.… Read more

6 reasons your car finance has been refused

Advice and Tips // 05 August 2019

If you’re thinking of getting a new car you may be wondering if you’re eligible for car finance. Many driver’s send-off applications with high hopes only to find they’ve been rejected by one or more providers. At Moneybarn we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy that… Read more

Setting up as a Sole Trader

Advice and Tips // 25 June 2019

Becoming a sole trader is a popular option for those who are either self-employed or starting their own business. This guide will take you through the important steps from registering as a sole trader, the advantages of a sole trader and what tax you can expect to pay. What is… Read more

How to prepare for your first motorcycle road trip

Advice and Tips // 10 June 2019

For some, beloved motorbikes have been stored away since Autumn and riders are itching to take to the open road. Seeing as summer has only just begun, why not take a road trip and explore what the country has to offer? Whether you are a regular rider or burgeoning beginner,… Read more