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The Best Cars for Motorway Driving

Amelia Scholey, Brand and Content Specialist
Tuesday, 16 March 2021

What you need from a car could, and most probably, will be different from your friends, family or neighbours. It depends on what you need the car for, as well as what sort of driving you do the most. If you commute every day on the motorway or your commute is classed as a long distance drive, we’ve think one of these cars might just be perfect for you.

BMW 5 series

Best luxury car for motorway driving

BMW’s are known for their comfort and luxurious appeal, and the 5 series saloon is no different. It’s an executive car that’s great for fuel economy and handling of the road even for motorway driving.

This car is a dream to drive, tackling each road bump, pothole and speed hump smoothly and quietly. Both passengers and drivers are kept comfortable no matter what the road throws at them. There is also plenty of space for luggage for any trip you might want to take.

You can get this car in two trim levels, either the ‘SE’ or the ‘M Sport’. The SE is more affordable and comes with a standard 17 inch wheel, which makes the car glide along the motorway. You can also find the car with 19 inch wheels, but this starts to make the drive slightly more uncomfortable and a little noisier. It really depends on what you are looking for.

The 520d model despite being an entry-level engine can still achieve an average 60mpg! If you commute regularly this could be the best car for motorway driving.

BMW 520d driving

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta parked

Best small car for motorway driving 

The Ford Fiesta remains a strong favourite with UK drivers, as it’s a well equipped compact car. With a huge choice of styles and specifications, we’re sure that you will be able to find a Ford Fiesta that fits what you are looking for.

For motorway driving and high mileage commutes the 1.0 litre ecoboost engine is a good place to start. It might be small, but it’s also economical and offers a lot of power, as well as offering on average 50mpg.

As the Ford Fiesta is such a popular car in the UK, there is lots of choice on the used car market for you to choose from. Meaning you should be able to get a great car for a good price.

Audi A6

Best comfort car for motorway driving

Audi’s are always a sophisticated choice, and the A6 is no different. This car blends luxurious comfort and economy into a great motorway cruiser whether you pick the saloon or estate model.

The entry level A6 comes with 18-inch wheels, mild hybrid technology, a progressive steering system which ensures a comfortable ride. It also has heated seats, climate control, cruise control, rear view cameras and much more. However, if you were looking for this car with extras, then expect those to come at a higher price.

With plenty of space inside, excellent suspension and classy interiors you can rest assured you and your passengers will enjoy a relaxed drive in this car. Better still the A6 will also offer you on average around 48.9 mpg, and with the mild hybrid you should get an extra economy boost.

All of this and more makes the A6 one of the best cars for long commutes. 

Audi A6 side view

Dacia Duster

Dacia Duster car

Best value car for motorway driving

The Dacia Duster offers you a lot of car for your money. It’s an SUV but comes in around the average cost of a supermini – with prices from new starting at £11,745. Although it doesn’t have the most luxurious interior, it does offer 57.9pg which is impressive considering it’s an SUV.

There are several specs to choose from, but to get the most enjoyable ride we would opt for the comfort spec. You will not only get 445 litres of bootspace but also keyless entry, daylight running lights, a great infotainment system, rear parking cameras and cruise control. Trust us, cruise control is worth every penny if you have a long motorway commute.

Toyota Corolla

Best hatchback for motorway driving

The Corolla is a well-built car that handles the roads gracefully. Not only that, but the 1.8-litre hybrid will give you 62.7mpg which makes it a great car for long distance motorway driving.

The only thing that might not be ideal for those longer drives, is that this car doesn’t have the best infotainment system, but that comes down to personal preference.

It does however offer a comfortable ride, great quality interiors and is economical. It’s easy to see why this car is a strong favourite with families in the UK.

Toyota Corolla driving

VW Golf

VW Golf rear view

Best city car for motorway driving

The Volkswagen Golf has won many awards in its lifetime, and it’s still a much-loved car by families up and down the country. It’s a comfortable drive not only on city streets but it’s also one of the best cars for motorway driving with its mild hybrid models offering 42mpg.

It’s a favourite as it consistently delivers on performance, price and is practical for any situation that life throws your way. It’s spacious inside and offers an extremely comfortable driving position for motorway journeys.

The VW Golf is consistent and no matter what model you buy it remains stylish and well built, meaning no matter what model you go for there is a Golf that’s suitable for everyone.

Nissan Leaf

Best electric car for motorway driving

The Nissan Leaf is a great car for long commutes and has to be one of the most efficient cars for motorway driving as it’s electric! If an electric car is something that interests you for your daily commute, we’d suggest making sure your work has somewhere to charge your car. As depending on the length of your commute the Leaf will last up to 200 miles between charges.

An electric car isn’t just great for the environment but for your wallet, being able to charge it at work would save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s also extremely quiet and surprisingly quick to drive.

Nissan Leaf parked

Renault Scenic

Renault Scenic side view

Best car for motorway driving after the school run

Life can be hectic and you’ll often find yourself having to dart straight from the school run to work and you’ll need a reliable car to get you there. The Renault Scenic is great for this, offering enough space for 5 adults, there is plenty of room for 3 kids to fit in the back. Surprising for quite a little car!

If we were picking a model we’d go for the diesel-hybrid as it offers you practicality, comfort, style and a whopping 80mpg, meaning it’s extremely economical.

If non of these cars look like they’d be right for you, take a look at the most popular car brands and models on the road today.

Whatever car you decide to buy for your longer commute, make sure it ticks all your boxes and that you know what to look out for on a test drive. 

Amelia Scholey, Brand and Content Specialist
Bringing you information on how to look after your vehicle, save money and enjoy your life on the road.