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Top 5 biker headaches

Advice and Tips // 13 March 2018

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There are plenty of reasons why motorbikes are loved by so many, but let’s not forget there can be headaches that come with any passion. With this in mind, we’ve put together five things which infuriate bikers most…

  1. The long routine

You’ve put on your riding trousers, jacket, backpack, gloves and helmet…then you realise your keys are still in your zipped-up pocket and you have to take your gloves off to get them!

  1. The itch

You’re finally on the road when you feel an itch on your head and you just can’t shake it. You then have no option but to pull over to a safe spot and take off your helmet, just to be able to scratch!

  1. Inconsiderate drivers

From not indicating and pulling out in front of you, to driving too close behind you, there’s nothing worse than careless drivers who are oblivious to everything around them on the roads.

  1. The weather

The gloriously unpredictable British weather! One minute it’s pouring with rain and you’re wrapped in waterproof layers, only for the sun to come out and you end up drenched in your own sweat.

  1. You’re bugging me

If only helmets were equipped with screen wipers. Every time a bug met an untimely death against your face shield, you’d be able to wipe it away without leaving behind a gruesome smudge or impairing your vision.

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