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Customer Stories – Natasha

Natasha, Moneybarn Customer, Friday, 19 June 2020
Updated: Thursday, 29 September 2022

I’m a single mum of 2 from Hampshire and have a 40-mile round trip each day to get to work in Basingstoke. I needed a reliable car to get around!

When I knew I needed a new car I started to research car finance companies who would take on someone like me. I knew I had poor credit down to a CCJ and some debts that racked up when I was living in London. I was still in the process of paying them off, so I was starting to worry I wouldn’t be able to find finance for a new car.

I hadn’t heard of Moneybarn before I got my car, but they were the only company that would help me, and I was shocked I even got approved. I really didn’t think I would! Without their approval I may not have got a car or even been able to stick at my job, which I really love.

Moneybarn made me feel like a human being again, not only because they gave me a chance, but they also treated me with respect. I’ve never had anything but great service from them.

Moneybarn customer Natasha

In the short time I didn’t have car to get to work, I spent £400 on commuting alone, and this doesn’t include getting the kids around either. When I got in touch with Moneybarn the process was very clear and quick, and the gentleman who helped me secure my car, actually helped me narrow down my choices based on factors that mattered to me.

My kids are also both into street dance, and we’re at training 3 nights a week. I also have to take them to their regular shows which can be scattered around the county. If it wasn’t for my car, my kids wouldn’t be able to do something which they really enjoy!

I’ll always be grateful to Moneybarn as they were the company who approved me for the finance I needed, when others wouldn’t.

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I’ve had a brilliant experience with Moneybarn, the process was very clear and quick, and I’ve received nothing but great customer service ever since. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have a car and probably not a job either as I desperately needed one for my commute.


Natasha, Moneybarn Customer
Natasha became a Moneybarn customer in 2018, when we helped her get a Ford Focus Zetec.