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Latest Motor News // 18 December 2015

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What happened in the car world during the months of 2015?

We take a look back at the year of 2015, and the key things that happened each month within the motor industry.


January 2015
Detroit Motor Show
The head of Mercedes-Benz discusses cars becoming ‘smartphones on wheels’ as the show increasingly focuses on the technology within cars.

February 2015
Driverless cars
The government launches a review into driverless cars, and how they can be accommodated for on UK roads.

March 2015

Longest period of growth for the new car market
The UK new car markets sees the longest ever period of growth with a 12% increase in February 2015.

UK car market experiences longest ever period of growth

April 2015

April Fool’s
There were some interesting jokes by car manufacturers on this year’s April Fool’s. One memorable joke was played by Nissan who claimed that their new ‘GYM’ function could help drivers get fitter by turning off all driving assistance features, allowing you to burn off an extra 1,415 calories a week.

May 2015
Paperless driving licence
The industry prepared for the paper driving licence to be scrapped by the DVLA as of 8th June 2015, and is now no longer issued.
1st June 2015
Driving Test turns 80
The month of June marked 80 years since the compulsory driving test was introduced to try and reduce the number of road accidents, and give drivers the skills they need to drive safely.


July 2015
Fall in car production

Car production in the UK falls 11.2% compared with the same time last year, because of a change in holiday patterns it is claimed.


August 2015
Plug-in Car Grant Scheme
The government announces that its £5000 plug-in car grant scheme will be extended until at least February 2016. The Plug-in Car Grant is a government based scheme that offers £5000 off the price of cars that quality as ‘ultra-low emission vehicles’ (ULEVs).

September 2015

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal
Volkswagen admits that there 1.2 million vehicles affected in the UK that are fitted with a defeat device to cheat emissions testing.

October 2015

New car market stabilises
The SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) reports that the new car market stabilises after a record 43 months of growth, with a 1% decline in new car registrations.

New car market stabilises in October after record 43 months of growth

November 2015
Vauxhall recalls cars
Vauxhall recalls more than 22,000 cars following an investigation into reports of a potential fire risk. Zafira B owners received a letter from Vauxhall explaining how to keep their vehicle safe whilst they wait for an inspection to be carried out on their vehicle.


December 2015
Help for those affected by flooding
Honda dealer gives away a car a day to those affected by the flooding in Cumbria.