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Australians Are Faking Roadside Accidents To Block Mobile Speed Cameras

Latest Motor News // 05 January 2015

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Road users in Australia have been faking roadside accidents in an attempt to block mobile police speed cameras as part of a social media campaign.

The campaign, Block Their Shot, launched on Facebook and has already gained over 36,000 followers, and is still rapidly growing. According to the page, the campaign was launched because they feel the cameras are just for revenue raising and do not actually save any lives.

In the UK, research carried out by the RAC foundation, an independent motoring think tank, found that on average the number of fatal and serious collisions of over 550 new fixed speed cameras fell by more than a quarter (27%) after their installation.

These, however are not the cameras the Australian campaign is objecting to. The campaign suggests that using mobile speed cameras in an area not prone to accident is purely a revenue stream for the local government. In the UK, The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (Asps) suggested tactics such as parking mobile camera vans on a bridge above stretches of motorway, such as the M9 approaching Stirling, is more likely to raise money than save lives.

Chief Superintendent David O’Connor, the organisation’s president, said speeding is dangerous but it was time to review how mobile cameras are used. Figures released by Police Scotland last month revealed that mobile speed cameras earned a total of £2.75 million in 2012/13 compared to £1.5 million generated from fixed cameras.

However the campaign in Australia has drawn much criticism, due to the fact that the cameras are placed in some of the worst accident spots in the country, and many people feel the campaign is putting lives at risk.

The Australian government is now looking to introduce heavy fines in an effort to counter the campaign. Roads Minister Duncan Gay told the Daily Telegraph: “I hope these idiots grow up so I don’t have to put draconian fines in place. If they don’t stop this stupidity I will take action.”


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