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Most Common Items Stolen from Cars in the UK

Latest Motor News // 06 July 2015

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For many of us, our cars are an extension of our home, which makes them a prime target for thieves. Some items are more appealing than others, so we’ve listed out some of the more popular items that cause cars to be targets of theft:

Electrical Items

Laptop, iPods, Sat Navs and even phones are often left in cars – and sometimes in view to prospective thieves.  These make up the prime target for car thefts in the UK and are at the number 1 spot from the Metropolitan Police of common items stolen from vehicles.


In March, The Telegraph wrote an article on the value of a woman’s handbag with the surprising fact that some of these can cost more than the car itself! Between the make-up bag, purse, jewellery and electronics it’s easy to see how the value can rack up.

However, despite this, they are still left within cars making them targets of theft and there is more to lose than any of the other items on this list.

Dust Caps

Many cars have become victim to the theft of dust caps especially if they are metal, which many cars are now fitted with as standard. This can cause issues with the tyres as the air can escape more easily costing the owners time and money.

Number Plates

Number plates identify the car and where it’s registered in case of a felony or theft, but these are actually becoming targets for thieves as they are sold on for further criminal activity.

Stolen number plates are often then attached on to other vehicles which are used for robberies or other crimes but because of the registration an innocent victim becomes involved. It’s therefore really important you check your number plates, especially when staying somewhere unfamiliar, and if you do notice these are missing then contact the police immediately.


Whether your car is new or old, big or small it’s important that you think about what you’re leaving inside which could attract unwanted attention. Finally, always check the outside of your car to ensure that nothing is missing or could affect the performance.