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Drivers are confused by the features their cars offer

Latest Motor News // 17 November 2015

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A recent survey has revealed that 73% of drivers who took part said that they didn’t understand how to use all of the gadgets offered by their car. questioned 1,000 British drivers, and despite most not understanding how the features worked, 54% of those surveyed said that they brought the car specifically because of the gadgets that it offered. Among the kinds of features that confuse people are tyre pressure monitoring, cruise control, stability control, and parking sensors.

Due to the confusion caused by car features one in five (19%) people admit to only using one or two of the driver aids in their cars; and 45% of people use 3 or 4 of those settings. The feature most likely to cause confusion is cruise control followed by eco settings and Bluetooth connection. It was revealed that the reason people don’t use these features is because they don’t understand how to.