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Emissions scandal – What you need to know about Renault

Latest Motor News // 20 January 2016

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The car industry was hit with scandal last year as it was revealed that Volkswagen had cheated emissions testing. It was discovered that vehicles had been fitted with a defeat device, or software which could detect when the vehicle was being tested, and therefore, the vehicles performance was altered accordingly to improve the results. The real emissions levels were covered up to make the vehicle appear cleaner than it actually was. It has since been reported that around 11 million vehicles worldwide were affected, leaving consumers with little faith in the car manufacturer.

In the last few days it was reported that the offices of Renault were raided by officers investigating the Volkswagen scandal. At a time when consumer’s confidence in the industry has been severely affected, faith in manufacturers was once again in doubt as reflected in the €5billion wiped off the share price of Renault.

At present, there is no evidence to suggest that Renault used a device to conceal actual emissions results. However, Renault does face an emissions inquiry to explain why some models have emissions which exceed those set out in the limits. France’s ecology and energy minister, Ségolène Royal stepped in to reassure shareholders, consumers and employees that there is no fraud at Renault.