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EU plans to fit every new car with a tracker- but what will be the public reaction?

Latest Motor News // 28 March 2014


Following new EU plans, every car sold in the UK could come fitted with a ‘black box’ to keep a track of it’s movements.

The European Union reportedly want to introduce the little back box or “Ecall” device and fit this with a SIM card that can track motorists movements and monitor speed.  It could also help to provide evidence to the police for prosecutions in relation to speeding or other driving offences. The technology could even provide information as to how many people are in the car at any one time which could improve rescue efforts should the vehicle be involved in an accident.

BMW are currently trialling the device in all their new cars and the information supplied can even help to grade the severity of the accident out of eight, allowing the emergency services to decide the number of ambulances required, preparation of hospital beds and even if a helicopter is needed on scene.

There has been some criticism of the black box, claiming that it invades privacy and will lead the way for increased monitoring of our daily lives from the government.

EU plans are in place to make the device compulsory in all new cars from 1 October 2015.  The box cannot be switched off and will be checked at MOT testing, meaning there will be no choice but to have a tracker fitted to your car.