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Ford Transit Van celebrates turning 50

Latest Motor News // 19 October 2015

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The first Ford Transit van left the production line in August 1965; it was Britain’s first light commercial vehicle to offer car-like comfort and handling qualities. Regardless of whether your business was large or small, you could now own a panel van that was fun and comfortable to drive.

Since it was launched fifty years ago almost eight million Transit and Transit Custom models have been built. Transit vans have become a mobile office or workshop for some, and play an essential role in helping builders, plumbers, and electricians to name a few keep their businesses running smoothly.

Today there are 450 model variants available and the latest line featured four all new models: Transit, Transit Custom, Transit Connect and Transit Courier. Sales in March of this year were at an all-time high, up 43% compared with March 2014.


According to Ford:

–          If 50 years’ worth of Transits were parked end-to-end  they would circle the globe

–          During its lifetime a new Transit has been bought every 180 seconds

–          Transit begun as a single model in Europe and is now an entire family of vans delivering  to customers worldwide

Why are the majority of transit vans white?

It is often said that the white colour of the transit is due to the fact that white paint doesn’t fade, it’s much easier for sign-writing and there is a higher re-sale value when selling them on. However, Peter Lee, founder of the Transit Van Club explains that in fact the Ford designer chose the colour when he realised that it was the perfect colour to keep drivers cool in the times before air conditioning.