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New car tax rules….Are you ready?

Latest Motor News // 18 September 2014

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With effect from the 1st October a physical tax disc will no longer be required.  Car owners will still need to have paid for the tax to keep driving or keep a vehicle on the road, but the DVLA have scrapped the old paper tax disc, for a more streamlined process, this can be done on-line and they now have Direct Debit options making it even easier for us to pay for our vehicle tax.

Drivers who buy a used car will not benefit from any remaining months left on the tax disc, this means that buyers will need to renew the tax disc almost immediately, or risk facing a fine and being caught in an un-taxed car.   Police will be using cameras to check tax evaders with number plate recognition technology.   The new rules will also put the onus on used car sellers to ensure they inform the DVLA when they sell their vehicle, it is also their responsibility to inform the DVLA of a change of ownership, if they do not they could face fines of up to £1000.

Anyone selling a vehicle will get a refund of any tax that is remaining on the vehicle.

The new rules aim to streamline services and save money in administrative costs.