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Parking scrapes…would you hit and run?

Latest Motor News // 13 August 2014

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According to a recent survey of over 2,000 people,  a third of Britain’s drivers would consider leaving the scene of an accident if the damage was minor and another 4% said that they would consider fleeing even after a more severe collision.

The interesting results have shown that honesty amongst drivers is very much dependent on their age and the location.  Glasgow scores high on the honesty scale, with 70% of motorists admitting they would confess to any damage caused, no matter how minor! Southampton (65%) and Hull (64%), with a stark contrast to those drivers in Oxford and London at (46%) with Bristol at just (43%).

When serious damage is caused however the numbers reduce significantly with more than 1 in 10 people in Brighton, Milton Keynes and Newcastle admitting they would flee the scene, the report has found that the older the driver the more honesty is shown.   The survey revealed that 6% of motorists between the ages of 18-24 and 7% between 25-34 would flee the scene after a serious incident compared to just 1% of over 65’s.  The less serious prangs however return between 34-40% of drivers between the ages 18-34 admitting that they would do a runner, whereas only 25% of over 65’s would try a getaway!

The difference in responses may be due to older people “being wiser” therefore more “honest”, however; it may also be down to insurance. High costs for younger drivers and increasing insurance premiums with them reporting can be daunting.

The older generation it appears are leading the way in the “honesty” game, no matter who may or may not be around to the see the incident.


What would you do…?