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Self-parking cars and laser headlights – is this the future for the car industry?

Latest Motor News // 23 January 2014

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When we think of these futuristic concepts, the masses will normally associate these with James Bond but the truth is this could actually be a genuine future spec for road cars.  Audi have come up with a concept to look to replace LED Lamps in headlights with an actual laser beam which is said to be 3 times the strength of a normal LED light and can illuminate half a kilometre of road. This concept is not as far from reality as we might think- R18 Le Mans cars will race with this technology as early as the end of this year.

Audi have also revealed their self-driving technology at the Consumer Electronics show is Las Vegas and say that this could be common place within a decade. So how does it work? Well the car is controlled via a special app which enables it to start the engine itself and come to meet the owner wherever they need picking up- extremely handy when laden with shopping bags or tired toddlers. Audi haven’t stopped there, on looking journalists were astounded to see a demonstration of the car actually manoeuvre into a space between two cars using multiple cameras and ultrasonic sensors which provide a 360 degree view. The concept car performed a 3 point turn in a flawless motion with the driver already safely out of the vehicle without worried about denting doors or bumpers.

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