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Summer has landed but is a convertible a good idea?

Latest Motor News // 27 June 2014

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We all know that feeling; summer finally has arrived after what seems like an 8 month winter and we are desperate to hit the beach, roll out the BBQ and buy a new pair of flip flops as soon as possible. All the warm air and sense of fun, riding in a convertible car epitomises that California devil-may-care feeling…

But would a soft-top be right for you?

An increasing number of convertibles feature fully powered retractable hardtop designs, which break into two or three pieces and elegantly lower into the book. Not only does this result in a more pleasing roof but it provides greater durability, security, and often visibility. However, hardtops are more complex, add more weight and take up more storage space with the top down (alternatively leaving more with it up). Soft tops are also increasingly designed with multiple layers to insulate from noise and the elements as well as or better than hardtops.

The Big Question – how much will it cost to run?

A convertible is juicy. Most midsize models use four and six cylinder engines, whilst more expensive luxury-branded models generally use powerful six-cylinder or V8 engines? Meaning that the four and six models get good combined mileage in the low to mid 20mpg range but the eight-cylinder drop tops turn in less than 20….

All this said, nothing feels better than cruising around in summer with the wind in your hair and your music up high! True, the storage space might be restricted but let’s face it, with winter now lasting from late September to mid-April, enjoy it while it’s here and get someone else to pack the BBQ and cool box…