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Suspension damage research highlights importance of regular servicing

Latest Motor News // 30 October 2014

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Maintenance key to car safety, with some models more at risk than others.

The importance of regular servicing and safety checks is highlighted by research which suggests that potholes and speed bumps leave a third of cars needing a suspension repair every year. Rain, ice and snow play havoc with road surfaces, and a suspension fault could affect a vehicle’s handling and braking.

An annual service and other periodic inspections could minimize the risk. The key to having a reliable and safe vehicle is to repair small problems before they become serious.

Warranty Direct Managing Director, David Gerrans, said: “It is almost unbelievable how much variation there is from one model to another when it comes to suspension damage”.

“Any vehicle driven on damaged, poor surfaces regularly or used for commuting on routes littered with speed bumps will eventually come to grief. London is particularly bad for the latter. The roads are as bad as ever but some cars are affected terribly, with components like bushes, track rod ends, drop links, springs and dampers all susceptible, meaning it is not just cheap runabouts being most prone to breakdowns.”

Do you check your car regularly for the minor damage caused by the road?