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Technology update – Could wing mirrors be a thing of the past?

Latest Motor News // 13 January 2016

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The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held each year in Las Vegas offers a glimpse into the cars of the future, and over the past few years has gained increasing interest within the industry. This year was no exception, as CES 2016 has once again showcased the outstanding technology ideas of the car industry, and there was particular excitement surrounding a concept showcased by BMW. In the first of its kind, BMW has demoed ‘mirrorless’ technology on its i8 model, which aims to reduce accidents on the road. This is also the first time that a camera monitor system has been displayed.

This technology means that the conventional exterior mirrors are replaced with a system of eight cameras which project an image onto a screen where traditionally, the rear view mirror would be placed. The idea of the system is to deliver 180 degree rear visibility to the driver without them having to remove their vision from the road, therefore meaning that they can instead concentrate on the view of the road ahead. The technology is designed to eliminate blind spots, avoid misjudged manoeuvres, and give accurate lane departure warnings to increase safety. The technology evaluates the camera images to detect imminent hazards, and alerts the driver to them by displaying yellow warning icons.

Besides safety, the technology has other advantages such as aerodynamic mirrors and reduced wind noise. To ensure that the cameras produce high quality images which are reliable under all lighting and weather conditions they have been fitted with Gorilla glass to avoid scratches; and a clear coating has been applied to make sure that they are never obscured by dirt or debris.

BMW has not yet announced any date for production or spoken about how far the technology is away from production, however the following was announced on the BMW blog:

“BMW has refrained from mentioning how far the technology is from production, but with other automakers exploring the same concept, the future is closer than we think”.

If you would like to know more about the technology, and take a look at the images in full you can do so by visiting the BMW blog by clicking here.



Images courtesy of the BMW blog.