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The world’s most expensive car is revealed in the Middle East

Latest Motor News // 04 February 2013

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Motor enthusiasts will struggle to remain calm as the Lykan Hypersport, the most expensive car in the world, is launched this week at the Qatar Motor Show. Despite being the first super car to originate from Arabia, the Lykan has a cool price tag of £2.2million and comes with promises of being the “most exclusive, luxurious and technologically advanced” hyper car in the world, that boasts ‘never seen before technologies inside and out’.

The Lykan rivals the Bugatti Veyron but is a massive £1million pounds more expensive- so what do you get for your money? The Lykan Hypercar boasts an impressive 740hp, twin turbo, 6 cylinder engine that is mounted in the middle of the car, no less. Motor fans will be excited to hear that the Lykan can reach 62mph in just 2.8seconds; surprisingly however, this is slower than its rival. The Veyron boats 0-62mph in a slick 2.5seconds; so £2.2million does not buy you the fastest car but it does buy you the most luxuries and technologically advanced car. It comes with a hand stitched leather interior with gold detailing, a 3D holographic display and diamond encrusted LED headlights. A stiff cardonfibre monocoque chassis means that the Hypersport will have impressive handling when thundering towards its top speed and will complement the aggressive external image.

The £2.2million pound price tag will not only buy you the most advanced sports car in the world, but it will also buy you an exclusive status as Beirut-based W Motors are only making 7 Lykan’s this year. Plans have been unveiled to launch the Lykan Supercar later this year which is rumoured to have lower price tag, but the list of prospective buyers is still unlikely to be extensive. If £2.2million is a little out of your budget this year and you would like some help with finance to buy yourself a new motor, then why not visit today for your free, instant, online quote. Moneybarn are the UK’s leading provider of specialist consumer car finance and have a team dedicated to helping partner you with the car of your dreams.