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The Young Drivers Scheme: What you need to know.

Latest Motor News // 25 September 2012

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Right from an early age we all have dreams of stepping behind the wheel of our first car and taking it out on the road, whether it comes from playing with your first Barbie or Action Man, it is something we all aspire to – however the wait to turn 17 and be afforded with the chance can be painstaking for some… but not anymore, because The Young Drivers Scheme gives 11 to 16 year olds who are itching to get behind the wheel the opportunity to develop their driving skills before they actually start lessons. Sound good? Well there is a bit more to know first, and even though we here at Moneybarn specialise in car finance, we are writing today to tell you about the main points of the scheme and why it could be beneficial to you, your son or your daughter.

Helps Change the ‘Young Driver’ Image

Whether its insurance companies or experienced drivers, young drivers have a bad image because of the amount of crashes that are caused by younger drivers that abuse their licence and ability to drive – with the safe young drivers being tarred with the same brush. This shouldn’t be the case, and the Young Drivers Scheme helps to change it… but how?

Builds Experience in a Safe Environment

Taught by expert, CRB checked instructors, the scheme instils young drivers with the skills required to be a safe driver before they actually start their ‘real’ lessons once they turn 17 – building experience and better driving ability ahead of time.

Cuts Down on ‘Young Driver’ Accidents

Therefore accidents caused by young drivers are reduced; with the scheme in Sweden establishing that a minimum amount of pre-test driver experience can cut young driver accident rates by 40% – a number that can only get higher if more young drivers start early with the scheme.

Aside from these important factors above, the scheme is quite simply a whole load of fun – so all that needs to be done is to find if the scheme is available in your area and then come back to us when you’re passed and in need of affordable car finance.

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