The best driving apps for your new car

Amelia Scholey, Brand and Creative Manager, Wednesday, 11 September 2019
Updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2022

If you’ve recently financed your new car, it’s now time to put it to good use and get out onto those roads. Whatever the journey, whether it’s your daily commute or long family road trip, use these apps to make sure your drive is as enjoyable as it can be!

N.B. Although these apps are great, you must never use your phone whilst driving. Set them up before you start your journey.


Waze has transformed the sat nav scene. It’s a free app that can be downloaded onto android and iOS, it uses information from its users to provide you with accurate information of the road conditions on your active drive. It can show you issues ahead on your journey, whether there’s a traffic jam, roadworks, police or even broken-down vehicles, and allows you to make a choice to divert or stick with your chosen route. Better still the app allows you to access Spotify without switching apps! Everything you need in one place for your drive.

BBC Weather

We’re stating the obvious when we say that the weather can impact a journey, but if you don’t already, you may want to try using BBC weather as it’s easy to use and reliable. Watch the weather for storms or heavy rain and plan around it where possible. It’ll make your drive in your new car a lot more enjoyable.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an app everyone should have downloaded onto their phone. Whether it’s for driving in your new car or getting lost whilst exploring, Google Maps is a well refined tool which will get you from A-B as smoothly as possible.

Travel Bingo

This app is a great one to keep everyone entertained, and you can also buy it as a physical game! Although it must be a passenger who uses Travel Bingo. It’s similar to your classic ‘I-spy’ game but allows your friends or family to be occupied by spotting items on their bingo list as they drive across the country. It’s a fun game to play and should hopefully make the journey feel a lot shorter!

If you know you’ll be running out of fuel relatively soon, but don’t want to pay extortionate motorway prices, then you could download It’ll give you fuel prices and their location in relation to you. You can even use this app in your daily life and potentially save up to £200 per year!

Just Park /Parkopedia

Finally got to your destination but have no idea where to park, or have found a spot but realise it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg for parking? We not try using Parkopedia to help you find a convenient spot that won’t cost you a small fortune.

Amelia Scholey, Brand and Creative Manager
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