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4 countries, 4 days, 1 Moneybarn team and a Rover 600

Moneybarn News // 21 October 2013

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Leaving the Porshe HQ in Reading, the Moneybarn team, complete with owl onesies, began their 1,088 miles through Europe to raise money for BEN- the charity of the automotive industry. Joined by teams from across the industry, they headed to the Eurotunnel- destination: Spa, Belgium.


On day two they were Germany bound to visit the Porshe museum in Strattgart and they even found the time to enjoy a well-deserved beer at the Strattgart Beer Festival with glasses so big that both hands were required to avoid spillages.


The third leg lead them to Nurberg, Germany, to the infamous Nurbergring. This was not without delay on the notorious Autobahn- a crash caused such long delays that the team were able to wander about on the Autobahn, experiencing it in a truly unique way! They arrived in time to experience a lap of the Nurbergring in a Subaru BRZ- a moment neither are likely to forget in a hurry.

After some group photos and an award ceremony, the team were homeward bound via Calais. After taking a slight detour through the countryside after deciding to drive without the aid of a satnav, the team made their crossing back to home turf.

Moneybarn are delighted to have had a team involved in such a fantastic fundraising experience for BEN. Driving through France, Belgium and Germany, the team had a fantastic time and a very memorable few days.