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6 apps to save you money

Amelia Scholey, Brand and Content Specialist, Monday, 16 December 2019
Updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Why spend more money than you need to? We love ways to save you money, and these 6 mobile apps are here to help you do just that. Have a look and see which ones might be able to help you…


Why should I download it?

It’s great for finding discounts and coupon codes

Although there are loads of apps that can offer you the same thing, we find Vouchercloud is the easiest to use. It clearly lists what’s on offer and also filters offers into online and in-store categories.

You can also browse offers by either featured deals or ‘best deals around you’ by allowing the app to use your location. All you need to do to get the discount is click ‘use voucher’, when it’s time to pay the code will appear, and you can show to staff at the till. Alternatively, if you are buying online, just click the link on the app to follow through to the website and the voucher will automatically be applied.

One of the best things about this app is that it has a ‘track your savings’ function. This allows you to see over time how much money you’ve saved, hopefully that’ll put a smile on your face!

Vouchercloud logo


Why should I download it?

You can get cashback on your weekly shop

I think we can all agree that your weekly shop is always more expensive than we want it to be. Apps like CheckoutSmart can help you with that. This app provides shoppers with a daily list of retailers that are offering cashback. It’s not just the major supermarkets, but also shops such as Boots, BP, and Wilko!

All you need to do is go to the shop that is offering the cashback, buy the products, take a picture of your receipt and submit it on the app. You’ll then get the cashback credited to your account which is transferable to your bank account or Paypal.

One thing to be aware however, is that if you withdraw less than £20 from your account, they’ll charge you a 5% fee. So we’d suggest to let your earnings build up a bit before you withdraw anything. It’s also important that you only purchase items you would usually buy anyway – we don’t want you being lead astray by the offers and actually end up spending more money than you would usually!

CheckoutSmart logo

Money Dashboard

Why should I download it?

You can see all your accounts in one place

Sometimes signing in and out of all your different accounts can be time consuming and quite honestly, annoying. Even worse is when a transaction doesn’t appear for a couple of days and you’ve forgotten about it!

Money Dashboard can help you with that by showing all your accounts in one place. It can connect you to up to 70 UK banks and financial providers, letting you instantly retrieve your balances and transactions wherever you are. The best part of this app however, is that it allows you to create a budget plan so you can separate your money into areas that matter to you. This could be for  household bills, food, or putting a little bit aside for ‘fun’ – this app can tell you whether you are keeping on track of your spending!

We know keeping on budget is not always as easy as they say it is, but it’s worth giving the app a try. After all, it’s free and it definitely can’t do any harm.

Money Dashboard logo

Meter Readings

Why should I download it?

It can help you save money on utility bills

Do you really know how much energy you are consuming and how much it’s costing you? Unfortunately this app is not free, but it will only cost a small £0.99, and we think it’s worth it. Meter Readings allows you to keep an eye on how much you’re spending every day, whether you’ve left your laptop charging overnight, or a light on all day, you can see how much extra that’s cost you.

Better still, you can see how much your neighbours are spending on their energy bills by comparing your usage against theirs. This way you can see if it’s worth you switching providers.

Why not try it and see if you can save yourself some money?

Meter Readings app


Why should I download it?

It will help you compare prices to help you find the cheapest

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve bought something, and you find it cheaper elsewhere? Idealo can stop that from happening.

Idealo can show you all the prices available for the product you might be wanting to buy, from coats to toys or electronics. Idealo will be able to show you the cheapest price out there.

All you need to do is search for the product by name, or scan a products bar code into the app and you’ll be able to see if you could find is somewhere else cheaper. Sometimes it could be as simple as walking to the shop next door. This app can make you feel smug knowing you’re always getting the cheapest price possible.

Idealo logo

ATM Locator

Why should I download it?

You’ll never have to pay to get cash out again

Ever needed cash to buy something and for the life of you, you can’t remember where the nearest cash machine is? Well this handy ATM locator from Link will direct you to not only the nearest ATM but the nearest free ATM.

Better still this app works abroad, great for when you don’t know the city and have absolutely no idea where the nearest cash point could be!

ATM locator logo

We hope that you find some of these tools useful, and you manage to save a bit of money along the way.

Amelia Scholey, Brand and Content Specialist
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