FAQs - Your questions about coronavirus

What’s the best way to get information or support at the current time?

Sam Wooller,Customer Experience Communications Manager
Wednesday, 25 March 2020

We’re working hard to ensure we’re available to help customers via a range of channels. We apologise if you experience a delay in reaching us by phone or for a response to a message you’ve sent us.

If you have emailed us and received an initial confirmation email, we have got your message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Although please be aware there could be a delay.

If you’re sending us documents, please forward your email to CSDocuments@moneybarn.com.

You may also want to register for and/or log into our customer portal online at www.moneybarn.com/my-moneybarn. Within the portal, you can make a payment, set up or change a Direct Debit Instruction, find out when your next payment is due, or see your current balance. You can also send us a secure message directly from within the portal, which is the most efficient way to contact us.

You may also want to check out more of our useful online FAQs at www.moneybarn.com/FAQs which may answer your questions.