FAQs - The application process

What Documents do I Need to get Vehicle Finance?

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Once we’ve completed an initial soft credit search to confirm if we can offer you finance, we will need to ask you to provide some documentation.

You’ll need to provide proof of a full UK driving licence. A clear picture or photocopy of your licence is normally fine, but our Direct Sales Consultants will be able to guide you on this. We will only accept provisional licences for finance of a motorbike with an engine no larger than 125cc and we do not accept licences from outside the UK.

We’ll then run automatic checks of your income and expenditure. These checks will tell us if we need to ask you for anything else. If we do need additional information, we’ll ask you to provide documentation (e.g. payslips) to confirm our affordability calculations.

Due to COVID-19 most applications will be required to provide additional information. We’ll be in touch to let you know exactly what is needed for this process.

If you’d like to understand our full application process in more detail and what will be needed of you, then you can find out more here.