125cc Motorbike Finance

Whether you’re looking for your first motorbike, or an experienced rider simply looking for a new model, we may be able to help you to finance a 125cc motorbike. Find out more about why you should get a 125cc motorbike on finance and how we can help.

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125cc motorbike finance

Why you should be considering a 125cc motorbike and how we can help you to finance it, including the models you should keep an eye out for.

Why get a 125cc motorbike?

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in a 125cc motorbike is the price tag – 125cc bikes generally have a lower starting price than their sports or touring counterparts, making them a great option to consider.

With a smaller engine size, 125cc models obviously have slightly less power than other motorcycles on the market. However, with this brings the advantage of an easy to manage ride, perfect for a first motorbike and people just beginning to ride, or those looking to gain confidence and experience on a bike. As the most powerful engine that can be driven with an A1 licence, it’s no surprise that these motorbikes are so popular with those getting interested in driving on two wheels.

However, their popularity certainly isn’t restricted to the beginner rider, 125cc bikes can be used for both the practicality of a commute, or for fun weekend rides.

Type of motorbike licence you will need

To be able to ride an 125cc motorbike you will require an A1 Motorcycle Licence. This involves completing a CBT and theory test, and then a 2-stage practical test. You must also be aged 17 or over to have an A1 Licence.

An A1 licence will allow you to ride any motorcycle up to 125cc without L plates and to carry a passenger.

Finance your 125cc motorbike

As a specialist vehicle finance provider, we may be able to help where other finance providers cannot. If you have a bad credit history, are in an IVA or have a CCJ, we will still consider your application for finance – meaning you’re more likely to be able to drive away on your 125cc motorbike.

We can offer finance on motorbikes if you have a valid CBT licence, which means that 125cc motorbikes may be of particular interest to you, since this is the maximum engine size before a full motorbike licence Is required.

Find out more about how we can help on our motorbike finance page.