Sports motorbike finance

Want to experience the thrill of motorbike driving and becoming “one” with the road? Look no further than a sports bike. Find out what makes a sports motorbike great and how we can help you to finance one today.

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Sports motorbike finance

Looking for a motorbike to make the most of the roads? Find out why you should look no further than a sports bike and how we can help you to make this a reality.

Why get a sports motorbike?

If you really want to experience the roads you’re driving on with a motorbike, a sports model is the way to go. With emphasis on speed, cornering and performance sports bikes truly let you experience the thrill of motorbike riding.

Although there is no technical specification for a “sports” motorbike, most manufacturers will have models that have been designed to maximise riding experience and will be clearly advertised as such. This means there is a huge variety of sports motorbikes to choose from, letting you experience life on two wheels exactly how you want.

If there’s any type of motorbike that typifies the experience of being “one with the road”, a sports bike would be it. There is perhaps no stronger reason to opt for a sports bike than that.

Type of motorbike licence you will need

A lightweight sports bike is generally classed as a motorcycle up to 500cc.  If you’re sticking to 125cc motorbikes, you will be able to ride this with an A1 Motorcycle Licence. However, if you’re looking for a sports bike between 126-500cc you’ll need an A2 Motorcycle Licence to be road-legal.

Middleweight or superbike sports motorbikes are those with an engine displacement of 500cc or higher. These therefore require an unrestricted A Motorcycle Licence. unrestricted A Licences can be obtained by taking an additional practical test if you have held an A2 Licence for 2 years, or via Direct Access if you are 24 or older. Direct Access requires a CBT, theory tests and practical tests.

Finance your sports motorcycle

Our motorbike finance terms allow you to purchase any motorbike valued between £2,500-£15,000 that fulfil our buying criteria, meaning that you have the flexibility to find the bike you love.

We may be able to help to finance your motorbike, even if you have a poor credit history. As a specialist vehicle finance provider, we may be able to help where other lenders cannot.

Find out more about our motorbike finance criteria and how we can help you to finance your new vehicle.