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Recommend a Friend Terms and Conditions

This offer awards a recommender and recommended friends with a £50 Amazon voucher for each qualifying recommendation made on or after 01, June 2021.

  • We may limit the number of rewards we make to a recommender and you’ll find these details in the Reward section below.
  • We may change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time and without letting you know.
  • This offer can’t be used along with any of our other offers.
  • This offer is not available to Moneybarn Employees.


To qualify for this offer the recommender must:

  • Must be a current Moneybarn account holder.
  • Recommend a Friend by following the Recommend a Friend instructions at:
  • Not recommend themselves to Moneybarn.
  • We’ll send an email to the recommender which will include a link they will need to give to their friends they are recommending.
  • The link contains a unique identification number and must be used during the application process.

Recommended Friend

To qualify for this offer, the recommended friend must:

  • Use the Recommended Friend link from the recommender and they must then complete a full application. When the application is being made, the recommend reference code is validated at the start of the application form.
  • The Recommended Friend must be accepted and take out a Moneybarn vehicle agreement.
  • We’ll only accept one online recommendation form for the recommended friend even if the friend is recommended by more than one recommender.
  • Moneybarn discourages spamming. By participating in ‘Refer a Friend’, you agree to these ‘Refer a Friend’ terms and conditions:
    • Only Friends & Family: You must only send referral messages to close friends and family.


To qualify for the reward, the following conditions must be met:

  • If all the conditions above are met and a Moneybarn contract is considered complete after the new customer has completed their first payment. We will then issue the reward to the recommender and the recommended friend. This will be no later than 30 days after the first payment has been received.
  • The reward will depend on the offer applying at the time we receive the correctly completed online recommendation application from the recommended friend.
  • There’s no limit to the number of friends a recommender can recommend, and each recommended friend will qualify for a reward if they meet the conditions.
    • Please note our terms on spamming, we will not validate any rewards, if there is a misuse of the Refer a Friend links by sending unsolicited emails and or social requests
  • The recommended friend is entitled to only one reward for a completed Moneybarn contract.
  • The recommender will only receive a reward for a recommendation quoting the unique identification number and start date they provided to their recommended friend. If someone else recommends that friend, we’ll reward the recommender whose unique identification number and start date is quoted on the first online recommendation form we receive for the recommended friend.
  • Joint accounts only qualify for one reward for a completed Moneybarn contract.
  • If the recommender or recommended friend holds any current contracts with us that’s managed by our Collections & Recoveries Department, they will not qualify for this offer.