New car checks

Check your new car

When it comes time to purchase a new car, it can be a very exciting time. But it is important to make sure you don’t get carried away.

Make sure that you test drive the car properly before reaching a decision. This is crucial.

It’s also very important to make sure that you have carried out the proper checks on your car, both before and after purchase.

Car manuals

Does it come with the official car manuals, service history book and the V5C vehicle registration document? You will need all of these for legal documents, especially if you try to resell the car later.


Ideally, the car won’t come with any scratches, dents or chips. But, check anyway. Just in case it does.

Make sure you note down any scratches and dents, no matter how small, as in most situations these cannot be rectified later down the line.

Doors, hood, and boot

Check that the doors, hood, and boot all open and shut properly and that the rubber linings are soft, but do not let in water.

If the rubber linings are damaged in any way, water can flood into the car and cause very expensive problems for you later down the line.


Check the interior of the car to make sure that the details are correct. Have the seats been stitched properly? Is the fascia fitted properly?

It’s important to note these details down, because as soon as you leave the lot, it can be hard to explain any gaps or dents to the car dealer.


Make a note of the mileage. If it’s anything over 25 miles, this indicates that you might have a problem on your hands (unless your car has been driven to the dealer)

Optional extras

If your car has any technical features – most cars will do – it is wise to get the car dealer to show you how they work. You’ve paid for them, might as well get the most use out of them.

Remember to tell the dealer the moment you spot any faults, if any. 

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