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How does the average credit score compare across the UK?

Your credit score can be a big factor when it comes to securing car finance and having a bad one may prevent you from financing a car from certain lenders.

It’s calculated on a number of factors relating to your financial history and shows how reliable you are when it comes to paying back loans, such as when taking out finance on a car.

But does where you live have an impact on your credit score? Here’s how much the average credit score varies up and down the country.

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The regions with the best
and worst credit scores

While the City of London district may have had the best credit score overall, looking at the region as a whole, the capital actually came in third place, with those in the South East (810) and South West (801) having the highest average scores.

It’s immediately clear that there’s a North-South divide when it comes to credit scores, with those regions in the South occupying the top four spots, and three of the four regions with the lowest credit ratings found in the North, with the North East having the lowest average of all, with 733.

Key: Rank Region Average credit score

How does your credit score
affect vehicle financing?

Your exact options when it comes to vehicle finance will vary on a number of different factors, but your credit score is definitely one of them.

Your credit score can generally be categorised into the following four brackets:

Excellent 961-999
Good 881-960
Fair 721-880
Poor 0-720

As you can see the average score in each area of the UK falls within either ‘Good’ or ‘Fair’, but does that mean you can’t get finance if your score falls below this?

Fortunately, that’s not the case as while some lenders might be reluctant to approve you, special bad credit car finance lenders like Moneybarn can help.


Average credit score for each local authority sourced from Experian’s UK credit score map