Fixed Penalty Notice Hotspots

Hundreds of thousands of Fixed Penalty Notices are issued across the UK for a range of traffic and motoring offences.

But where in the UK are you most likely to receive an FPN? We’ve collected government data to find out the hotspots for different motoring offences – from noise offences right through to insurance offences and everything in between.

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What is a Fixed Penalty Notice?

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) can be issued for motoring offences and offer an opportunity to settle an offence without the need to go through court. Once the FPN is paid, all liability of the offence is discharged and won’t be part of a criminal record.

How much will I have to pay if I get a Fixed Penalty Notice?

A fixed penalty notice can range between £50 - £300 for motoring and traffic offences, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Will I be issued points on my licence if I receive an FPN?

Depending on the offence, you may or may not be issued points on your licence if you receive an FPN. Endorsable FPNs, which are usual for more severe offences, will incur licence points. If the offence is serious it may go to court.

Where in the UK are the FPN Hotspots?

We’ve collected data from England, Wales and Northern Ireland to see where you’re most likely to receive a Fixed Penalty Notice for a number of different motor offences – including speeding, mobile use and careless driving.

All FPNs
£50 Offences
Noise Offences
Vehicle Registration Offences
Up To £100 Offences
Speeding Offences
Careless Driving Offences
Seat Belt Offences
Test Offences
Neglect of Traffic Direction Offences
£200+ Offences
Use of Hand-held Mobile Offences
Insurance Offences

£50 FPN Hotspots

£50 is the minimum fine you’ll receive for minor motoring offences. These include noise offences such as unnecessarily using your horn, especially at night time. Vehicle registration offences also carry a £50 fine which is when a vehicle's number plate is obscured or not fully visible.

Up to £100 FPN Hotspots

Many motoring offences can receive an FPN of up to £100 depending on the severity and situation of the offence. Some of these offences will also incur additional penalties such as points on your licence.

These types of offences include speeding, careless driving, seat belt offences, test offences and neglecting traffic directions i.e. not stopping at a red light.

£200+ FPN Hotspots

Offences carrying a £200 or more fine are the most severe and are likely to include additional penalties. These include using hand-held mobile phones whilst driving, which carries a fine of £200 (doubled from £100 in 2017). Driving without third-party insurance also carries a heavy fine of £300 and six penalty points on your driving licence.

FPNs for motor offences in Northern Ireland

In this section we break down the motor offences that most commonly resulted in Fixed Penalty Notices for people living in Northern Ireland. The more severe ‘Endorsable’ offences incurred licence points for the offender in question.

Fiscal Fixed Penalties for motor offences in Scotland

In this section we break down the motor offences that most commonly resulted in Fiscal Fixed Penalties for people living in Scotland (fixed penalties issued by The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service), broken down by age.

Convictions for Motor Offences in Scotland

In this section we break down the motor offences that most commonly resulted in convictions for people living in Scotland. Convictions include prison, fines, community payback and admonition.