Motorbike Destinations

The best countries in the world for bikers
Riding a motorbike is the ultimate expression of freedom, with nothing but the open road ahead of you, the possibilities are endless. For some it's more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle with its own culture and the ability to make lifelong friends with those who share the same thrill for speed and adventure.

However, there are many factors that can affect your experience, from the quality of roads and amount of traffic to how safe you are driving through them.

But which is the best overall country for motorcyclists? To find out the motorbike finance experts at Moneybarn have analysed these factors and more in a number of countries around the world to see which can be crowned the top destination for bikers.

The world’s top 5 motorbike destinations

KEY Motorcycle ownership* Road quality score Congestion levels Number of motorcycle-friendly campsites Motorcycle safety* *(per 1,000,000 people)

The world’s best motorbike destinations


Motorcycle ownership per 1000,000 population

Road quality score

Congestion levels

Number of motorcycle friendly campsites

Motorcycle deaths (2019) per 1,000,000

Score /10

The best countries for riding a motorbike around the world...

The country with the highest

motorbike usage:


Italy is renowned for being the home of some of the most iconic motorbike manufacturers. Scooters in particular are ubiquitous in Italy, being the most popular way to navigate through the city traffic and avoid the ever-present problem of finding a parking space.

Given the love the Italian public has for motorcycles, it's no surprise the bella paese has the highest proportion of ownership, at 114 per 100,000 people.


motorbikes per
100,000 people

The best

road conditions:


With motorbikes more susceptible to potholes and imperfections on roads than anything on four wheels, road quality is vital, not just for comfort but safety too. In The Netherlands, this is an immediate concern, having the highest-rated infrastructure in our index at 6.4, with roads kept in near-immaculate condition for the benefit of cyclists, as a result of high vehicle taxation.

road qualityscore

The least



This Iberian country came top when it came to the lowest traffic levels, with roads having a congestion level of 14%. The country is well-known for its clear stretches of motorway outside of the more densely populated areas, and rather than redeveloping old routes, new roads are often built next to them, which eases congestion.




United Kingdom

Finding a campsite that suits all your needs can be the most stressful part of planning a trip, especially finding somewhere to securely store your motorbike whilst you relax. With this in mind, the UK leads the way in terms of motorcycle-friendly campsites at 1,052, more than five times the number of places to pitch up than second place.

motorcycle friendly campsites

The country with the safest roads

for motorbikes:


As motorcyclists can be more vulnerable to injury, it's important to note which countries are the safest, in terms of mortality rate. Taking the top spot as the safest country in our index for motorcyclists, Ireland has the lowest proportion with three deaths per million or a total of 108 in 2019.

motorcycle deaths per million (2019)

We analysed a list of countries on a number of different factors relating to the ease of owning and riding a motorbike in each country. Each country was given a normalised score out of ten for each factor, before taking an average across all the factors to reach our final score out of ten.

Motorcycle ownership per 100,000 population

The number of motorcycles per thousand of the population taken from Nation Master.

Road quality score

The quality of road infrastructure according to The Global Economy.


The congestion level according to TomTom’s 2020 Traffic Index. The percentage shows the additional time for a journey in each city compared to uncongested conditions.

Motorcycle friendly campsites

The number of campsites listed as motorcycle friendly taken from Pitchup.

Motorcycle Deaths (2019) per 1,000,000

The total number of motorcyclist deaths from Our World In Data per million of the population.


The 2022 figures taken from the worldometer.