What’s it like to work here

A few more reasons why you’d love working with us

We truly value our team members, because we know they are the ones that make our company so unique and successful. This is why we put a lot of effort into ensuring the happiness of everybody that works here.

Sure, we have all the usual company benefits like a pension scheme, life insurance, 25 days holiday, enhanced maternity pay scheme, and train season ticket loans. But there’s a lot more that goes into making Moneybarn such a special, friendly place to work.

Communication: Keeping you in the loop

Once a month, everyone catches up in our social area to learn more about the company is performing, our key challenges and our wider team’s accomplishments. David, our highly-engaging Managing Director hosts the forum and invites questions and input from everyone there. We’ll also keep you up-dated by sharing any news via our intranet ‘Hoot’.

David Shrimpton, Managing Director of Moneybarn
Have yor say

Staff survey: Have your say

We want everybody to be happy and excel in their role, which is why we love to know what you think about working for us, be it good or bad. So, once a year you’ll get the chance to complete a survey.

The results are shared at our all-company briefing with the leadership team highly committed to taking action wherever necessary.

Barney Breakfast: A tasty treat

They say it’s the most important meal of the day, which is why we get together to share a delicious breakfast before we start our monthly all-company briefing. You’ll also find there’s always a good selection of fruit around the office, with a fresh delivery every other day.

Barney breakfast
A group of people outside a gym class

Wellbeing: Healthy body and mind

We take your wellbeing seriously at Moneybarn, both mentally and physically. As well as a trained team of Mental Health First Aiders, we also have an employee assistance programme app which you can use any time.

There’s also an onsite gym, plus a range of lunchtime and after-work fitness sessions, including yoga, body conditioning and HIIT classes – all run by fully-trained coaches.

Career development: Helping you progress

A focus on your development isn’t just an empty promise at Moneybarn. We’ll do what we can to support your career progression, including sponsoring professional courses and conferences as well as internal moves. This results in plenty of opportunities for you to, not only move up in your own department, but to also work in our other specialist ones.

career training
A tree in the sunshine

Environmentally friendly

We take our impact on our environment seriously. Our efforts in environmental impact management have been ISO 14001 accredited. You can do your bit too and join our environmental working group, the Moneybarn Eco-Warriors.

Better everyday: Recognising when you go the extra mile

Everybody here goes above and beyond on a regular basis, which is hugely appreciated and rewarded. Although, there is always somebody that makes even more of an effort, from helping a team member through a personal challenge to smashing targets – and we love to recognise it when you do.

You get to recognise those around you going the extra mile through our Better Everyday online reward platform and we celebrate some of those awards during our company briefing.

a team of people giving a high five
running club

Sports: Staying fit and active

If you enjoy playing sports and being active, you’ll love working here. Don’t worry if you don’t though – there are plenty of other less strenuous clubs and team get-togethers you can take part in.

Our team members get involved in lots of events, including the Chichester Corporate Challenge, The Welsh 3000s, and The Three Peaks Challenge, while raising money for charity too. There are also more regular, weekly activities like Frisbee Friday and the Wednesday night running club.

Charity events: Doing our bit

Through the Moneybarn Social Impact Fund, we’re committed to investing 1% of our pre-tax profit into community programmes, money advice programmes and social research. Everybody is invited to be a part of the panel that selects the charities.

But that’s not the only way we support charities. Our team members regularly do fundraisers too, from the MacMillan Coffee Morning (everyone loves a slice of cake) to a Gift Appeal at Christmas.

We also offer fully paid day off a year for you to work with a charity of your choice. We’ll also match any charitable donations you raise for any charity.


Keeping it professional but relaxed

Our dress code is ‘dress appropriately’. So, if you’re off-site having a meeting and representing us, or interviewing a candidate who has made the effort for you, simply keep this in mind. You can let your hair down a bit more on Friday though as it’s our dress-down day.