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Register or log in to My Moneybarn to manage your account. You can:

  • Make a payment
  • Find out when your next payment is due
  • See your current balance
  • Send us a secure message

It’s easy to get started, but if you need it here is additional guidance.

Please note – if you find you’re having difficulties logging in to My Moneybarn for the first time, please find the email we’ve sent you after you registered online, and make sure you’ve clicked the email validation link. This will confirm your registration and bring you to the portal to log in for the first time.


If you just want to make a payment online

Make a payment

You can make a manual payment using our easy online payment process

Make a payment

Click the “Make a payment” button to make a manual online payment. Please note we can only accept payments using a debit card, which must be held in the name of the account holder(s).

You’ll need to enter a few details before you can make a payment: your contract number (this is your Moneybarn agreement number), last name, date of birth and vehicle registration.

Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your chosen payment amount before providing your debit card details. If the payment is successful, you will see an on-screen confirmation and receive a separate notification of your successful payment by email.



How to set up a Direct Debit Instruction

Direct Debit payments

Set up a Direct Debit Instruction for automatic monthly payments

Direct Debit form

You can download our Direct Debit mandate form to set up a Direct Debit instruction.

There are 2 options for completing the form:

You can add your details electronically and put your name as a signature. You will need to save a copy of the form to your device, fill in the form and then email us the completed document.


You can print off the form and complete it by hand. Then scan or take a clear, good quality picture of the completed form and email that to us.

Please send your completed form to, and make sure to include your agreement number in the email.

Once we’ve set up your Direct Debit Instruction, we’ll confirm it’s in place and when the first payment will be collected.

If you are unable to send us a completed Direct Debit instruction by using the options above, then please email us and ask us to set an instruction up for you. We’ll arrange to call you to get your Direct Debit instruction set up.

Moneybarn refer a friend scheme

Refer a friend

Find out how you and your friends could qualify for a £50 Amazon Voucher

Refer a Friend

The Moneybarn refer a friend program allows you, as a Moneybarn customer, to refer your friends and family to the Moneybarn vehicle finance. Each time you recommend Moneybarn to a friend and they become a Moneybarn customer, once they make their first payment you will both receive a £50 Amazon voucher.