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  • Peugeot Just Add Fuel Calculator

    By Adrian | September 9, 2011 | Peugeot Just Add Fuel | no comments.

    Peugeot just add fuel calculator

    Seen the Peugeot ‘Just add fuel’ advert on TV and want a review of how the numbers work with a just add fuel calculator?

    Here at moneybarn we’ve put together a similar type of package – but with the added benefit of actually owning the car at the end of the term!

    Lets take Peugeot’s just add fuel deal on a Peugeot 107 with almost identical cars (107 1.0 Envy), with the only difference being that the one I’ve found is a 2 month old demonstrator at an Peugeot franchised dealership..

    Peugeot ask for a £1,664 initial payment

    moneybarn ask for a £995.17  inital payment, freeing up £668.83 of your hard earned cash to put towards insurance costs

    Peugeot ask for £184.00 in monthly payments over 3 years

    moneybarn ask for £188.78 monthly payments over 3 and a half years

    Peugeot provide insurance cover as part of the just add fuel monthly payment

    moneybarn would require you to insure the vehicle  yourself. I got a quote for cover via Privilege for £297 per year, so £1,039.50 for the 3 and a half year term.

    Peugeot provide roadside assistance for 3 years as part of the just add fuel deal

    moneybarn would recommend AA membership (at comparable levels) which would cost £269.50 for 3 and a half years

    Peugeot provide 3 years warranty up to 60,000 miles

    moneybarn customers would enjoy the same warranty, less the 2 months the car I found has been used as a demonstrator.

    Peugeot offer inclusive servicing over the 3 year deal

    moneybarn customers would need to pay for three annual services – at a Peugeot main dealer this would cost £297 over the three years.

    Peugeot include 3 years RFL into the Just Add Fuel deal

    moneybarn customers would need to pay for 2.5 years RFL (one year included in price of demonstrator) – a total of £70.00.

    So…what’s the real difference? Well, over the course of the agreement, a Just Add Fuel customer would pay whopping £8,288.00 and at the end of the agreement own nothing at all! Not only that, but the customer is restricted to just over 6,000 miles a year! The average is 12,000 per year and for every mile the Just Add Fuel customer goes over 6,667 miles, there’ll be a charge!

    With moneybarn, you’d need to pay £7,927.50 for the car, plus £1,039.50 insurance, £269.50 for roadside assistance,  £297 servicing and £70 in road fund licence. A grand total of £9,603 over three and a half years. So, the overall cost is £1,315 more, than Peugeot’s headline rate, but at the end of the agreement you’ll not only own the car, you’ll also have an asset worth around £3,000! Seems like a no brainer to me! Apply today – call 0845 50 50 192!

    peugeot just add fuel calculator


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