CCJ car finance

Having a CCJ can make it harder to find a lender that will approve you for finance.

Having a CCJ

When you have a CCJ, you will find that it will affect your ability to get approved for van or car finance. However, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get approved.

It’s highly likely that you will have to use a specialist lender, such as Moneybarn, to finance your vehicle.

Managing your budget

When you have had credit issues it is more important than ever to ensure that you have a regular income. This may mean that you need reliable transport to get you to work, or even to allow you to earn money. Unfortunately, your CCJ may affect your ability to easily access finance.

We understand that keeping to your monthly budget is essential. We can not only help you to access car or van finance if you have a CCJ, but will also work with you to find a monthly repayment that is affordable for you.

You may find that you are in an unexpected circumstance whereby you need a car or van to continue to earn money, perhaps for work. In this case, your CCJ may prevent you from getting the finance that you need to get on with your everyday life.

At Moneybarn, we understand that living affordably is key, especially if you have a CCJ. To that end, we ensure that all car finance agreements are suitable for you, and that the terms and length of your repayments make sense for you and your life.

What is a CCJ?

A CCJ stands for County Court Judgment, which is a type of judgment that exists in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland that can be granted against you if you fail to repay any debts that you owe.

Before you have a CCJ applied against your name, your debtors must issue you a warning letter, to let you know that you need to repay what you owe or they will pursue legal action.

The judgment will issue a deadline for repayment and outline how much you owe and how you will need to pay it. CCJs are kept on record for six years, even after you have paid off the amount, and having one on your record can make it difficult to obtain car finance.