Advice and Tips

What’s an APR and what does it mean?

By Amelia Scholey // Advice and Tips // 19 December 2019

What does APR mean? You might be asking yourself this question as you may have noticed the abbreviation APR everywhere on any financial lending website. Well, it stands for Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and is something that is extremely important to understand for any loan you may decide to have… Read more

How to care for your car this winter

Advice and Tips // 15 October 2019

As the winter months are fast approaching, we would advise you check your car is ready to tackle the cold. You can take your car for a service but we understand this can be a little bit pricey, especially in the months leading up to Christmas! To help you travel… Read more

Top 10 cheapest cars to insure

Advice and Tips // 11 September 2019

We want you to move forward in the easiest and most stress-free way possible. Make sure you consider the cost of vehicle insurance before buying, it can give you a big saving! Nissan Micra The Nissan Micra has had a revamp, it’s new look is stylish whilst still managing… Read more

The best driving apps for your new car

Advice and Tips // 11 September 2019

If you’ve recently financed your new car, it’s now time to put it to good use and get out onto those roads. Whatever the journey, whether it’s your daily commute or long family road trip, use these apps to make sure your drive is as enjoyable as it can be!… Read more

Warning signs: car dashboard lights you shouldn’t ignore

Advice and Tips // 10 September 2019

It can be alarming when you’re driving and your dashboard flashes with a light you haven’t seen before. You can’t always pull over immediately and sometimes you won’t be close to a garage. So, how do you know which lights you shouldn’t be avoiding? Moneybarn has put together a guide… Read more