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11 Fun Games to Play in the Car!

Amelia S, Brand and Content Specialist
Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Picture this, you are just setting of on a long journey to go on holiday or to travel to see family who live far away. You are 1 hour into your 5 hour journey, and the kids start to get bored, or even you start to get bored. You’ve already played and got bored of i-spy, but what are some other games to play in the car with kids? Why not try 1 of these fun games to keep the whole family occupied.

1. Licence plate game

Give all players a pen and paper (obviously not the driver – they can play but it will have to be in their head) and write down any foreign number plate you spot! The one with the most wins. Bonus points can be awarded for naming the capital city of the country the licence plate is from!

We would suggest that to involve the driver, the passenger in the seat next to them can write down the ones they spot whilst driving. You could also compete against each other if you all spot the same foreign number plate, the person who names the capital city of that country first gets the point.

2. 20 questions

Pick something and hold it in your mind, you could go with a type of fruit, your favourite colour, a piece of clothing or your favourite cartoon character. Whatever you decide just don’t tell anyone else in the car. You can then give everyone in the car a combined 20 questions to figure out what you are thinking of. If you think of something really difficult, then maybe give them 20 questions each. See how generous you are feeling on the day!

3. Memory game

You might also know this game by the name, The Picnic Game. It’s simple, you say ‘I’m going out on a picnic and I’m bringing…’ and add one item you might take on a picnic.

You then can go around the car taking it in turns to add another item to the list of what you would bring on a picnic. If you repeat a part of the story wrong, then you are out. This is fun and can last quite a while, keeping everyone entertained for a good portion of the journey.

Family in the car

4. Quiet game

This is a classic that perhaps even your parents played with you. If you’re at the end of your tether and you are desperate of the constant questioning ‘when are we there yet’, then this is a great one to have up your sleeve.

Challenge the kids to see who can stay quiet for the longest – it’s that simple! Maybe you could even have a small prize for the winner like a chocolate bar or something similar.

5. Would you rather

This can be a fun game to play in the car for all the family. It’s one most of us have played before and is simple yet effective. It’s also great in getting your kids imaginations going. So, would you rather have a bucket of freezing cold water poured over your head or have slimy slugs crawling through your hair for 5 minutes? It should hopefully bring some laughter to your long car journey.

6. Hot seat

This might be more one for a grown up car trip, but we think it could also be fun to play with kids. Every person in the car takes it in turn to be in the ‘hot seat’ and all the other passengers will have 5 questions to ask you, that you HAVE to answer.

Whatever you do, don’t start asking any questions that could annoy the other passengers, remember you are all stuck in the car for a long drive.

A family playing games in their car

7. Trivia questions

This one would take a little bit of organising, but if you know your little ones would really like it, then it’s worth investing the time. Prepare a list of trivia questions on your kids’ favourite film or book, or just something you know they can’t get enough of like their favourite Disney character.

You can then ask them throughout the drive to keep their mind occupied. If you have more than one child in the car you could get them to compete to make it a little more fun as well.

8. The animal name game

This is a little like the memory game, but with a twist. Choose one person to start, who will name an animal of their choice. Each following player will then have to name another animal that starts with the last letter of the previous animal named – and there can’t be any repeating.

For example, Cat, tortoise, elephant, tiger, rhino, octopus etc. There are no winners or losers in this game, which could avoid some tantrum tears.

If you have older children this game can also work with TV shows, cities, countries or even actors.  

9. Name that song

A song-inspired car game for the music buffs out there. You can take it in turns to sign a lyric or a line of a song, if people are struggling you could give them a verse, and the other players have to guess either the signer or title.

Bonus points can be awarded if they get both! This car game can work well for adults and children of all ages, but it might work best if you have older children.

A lady singing in the car

10. Categories

Choose a category that you know well, this could be food, movie titles, cities, counties etc. Each player then has to take it in turns to add to the category in alphabetical order – you only have 10 seconds to think of an addition to the list before you are out.

If you also don’t travel down the alphabet correctly you are no longer in the game!

11. Secret place race

This can only be done if you have a map in your car – but one person looks at a map and decides on a small town, village, river or a landmark, and tells the second player what they have chosen. The second player then has 60 seconds to look at the map and try and find it.

Be wary though as this might not be the best for kids that get travel sick, as there will be a lot of looking down and focusing on the map.

Hopefully one if not several of those fun car games sound exciting to you and your family. Helping you to feel prepared with plenty of ammunition to tackle your next long car journey as a family.

Amelia S,Brand and Content Specialist
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