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Should I apply for car finance online?

Advice and Tips // 09 June 2016

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Buying a new car can be quite a challenge with different obstacles along the way – one of the biggest obstacles being cash. In some cases you can’t afford to pay up-front but do not worry, that’s where car finance comes in. With the diverse range of car finance available to drivers who are on a budget, you can easily skip the upfront price tag.

Drivers are lucky enough to be spoilt with choice when it comes to picking the perfect car finance option, from deals straight from the leading automakers to car finance lenders. Having so many different options to choose from it can sometimes become difficult when deciding how to apply for car finance.

If you’re currently trying to decide if applying for finance online is the right move for you, you’ll be able to make an informed decision in a few minutes. We’re going to look into the benefits of applying for car finance online, helping make your decision a little easier.

You have more choice online

Trying to find the best deal for your car finance is just like trying to find the best deal for a car, the more places you search the better deal you’ll find. Finding the best finance deals can be much easier when you take your search online.
Online car finance dealers offer customers a wide array of options helping them find the perfect finance option within their budget as well as a package to suit their current circumstances. A simple online application can open the door to one of these great finance deals.

Deals wherever you are

Life can be busy enough without having to take time out to find the perfect lender, thankfully with modern technology, it’s so much easier.

Online applications are so easy they can be done from the comfort of your own home or on the go with your smartphone. With applications taking just a few minutes you can look at competitive finance deals from the train on your way to work or just before you jump into bed.

Quick quotes

When you’re searching for car finance, quotes can be the difference between an impulsive mistake when you think you’ve found the perfect deal, and an informed application. Doing your research beforehand is important, as you could risk being refused car finance.

The invention of car finance calculators have made the process much easier, you can find out how much you can borrow and get an instant estimate of your monthly repayments and interest rates so you can work out what is affordable for you.

You will get an instant decision

Have you already found the perfect car and need to secure your finance option in a hurry? An online application is the way to go with a quick turnaround. With the option to get approval before or after you’ve found the car you want, you’re able to shop around as and when you wish.

When you apply online you can get an almost instant decision. Some lenders can give you a decision within 60 minutes of less.