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Staying Safe on your Motorbike

Amelia S, Brand and Content Specialist
Wednesday, 06 October 2021

Riding a motorbike can be a necessity for some and a hobby for others, but regardless of how you ride you want to make sure that every time is as safe as it can be.

From road surfaces, to riding gear, there’s lots to consider and a lot you can do to make your rides as safe as possible. Have a look at our tips below to see if you can upgrade your safety on your rides…

1. Take a safety course

It’s always wise to keep any knowledge and skills fresh but taking a safety course might just save your life. If you do a simple internet search you will find lots of local motorbike riding safety courses. 

There are also many held by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), a society dedicated to ensuring the safety of people on the road.

motorbike safety course

2. Wear safety gear

Legally you have to wear a helmet when riding a motorbike or moped, but that only protects your head and not the rest of your body. A motorbike offers little protection as standard, and without it you can be open to the elements, debris and road rash. Not to mention if you were (god forbid!) to have an accident.

Proper safety gear should always be a considertion to wear from head to toe, and can include goggles, leather jacket and leather trousers, ankle boots and non-slip gloves.  

3. Check the weather before you ride

The weather can affect anyone driving no matter what vehicle you are in, but with motorbikes being less stable with only 2 wheels, which means you’ll have less traction. You’ll also not have as good visibility in rain, snow or ice, so please consider this before riding.

If you’re going on a long planned ride, then most definitely check the weather as it can really affect your safety. As a starting point why not look at our tips on how to ride in the rain, just in case you’re caught out, which is very likely with UK weather.  

A wet motorbike wheel

4. Keep your distance

This is a good piece of advice for any driver, but especially for motorbike safety. For a motorbike it’s suggested to stay 4 seconds away from the vehicle in front of you, which will allow you enough time to stop in an emergency and still remain safe.

5. Stay observant

Similar to above, this is a good piece of advice for any driver. But in the case of motorcycle safety it seems more important as it’s good to plan any escape routes should you need to break quickly in an emergency. This could be going into the hard shoulder or just swerving out of the way of a road hazard.

6. Make sure you're seen

According to research the most common reason for an incident involving a motorbike is because other drivers couldn’t see them. Whether it’s at junctions, in others blind spots or just when in the dark it’s extremely important to do your best to be seen. You should always be considering your motorbike safety in the dark. Wear hi-vis clothing or leathers with hi-vis strips on them, have your headlights on even during the day and always use your signals. It also helps to keep your distance when behind another vehicle so that you can be seen in their mirrors.

Motorbike with lights on

Riding a motorbike can be a good way to get from a to b, but also a fun hobby that some absolutely love. However you decide to ride please follow these simple steps to keep yourself save on busy roads.

Amelia S,Brand and Content Specialist
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