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UK driving test results visualised

Latest Motor News // 12 June 2017

Anybody that has taken their driving test can relate to the unrelenting nerves that accompany the experience, whether it’s stepping in to complete the theory test, or taking the final challenge of the practical test. It’s an experience quite unique in its ability to produce anecdotes to be repeated time… Read more

How to get the best deal when you sell your car

Latest Motor News // 27 February 2017

Whether you are selling your car privately, to a dealer or trading in your old vehicle for a new one, there are many ways you can ensure that you are getting a fair price for your old car. There are several benefits to getting a fair deal for your old… Read more

Why improving your credit score can help you

Latest Motor News // 16 February 2017

Improving your credit score is a lengthy process. It requires time management, financial awareness and organisation skills. It will take time to improve, and if you’re at a bad credit period looking for car finance then you’ve come to the right place. We would be happy if we could help… Read more

How do I get car finance with no credit?

Latest Motor News // 09 February 2017

Having no credit is not an unusual problem to have. First-time borrowers don’t usually have a credit history due to the simple fact that they’ve never had to apply for finance before. In order to have a credit history, you must have received finance in the past. Being a first-time… Read more

Top 10 Most Annoying Driving Habits

Latest Motor News // 11 October 2012

So, you’ve got your car finance sorted and your driving away from the dealership in your shiny new motor, enjoying the new car smell, revelling in all the new gadgets you’ve ticked on the options list and all of a sudden you’ve been ‘cut up’  by someone (Audi perhaps?!)  in a hurry with no manners… Read more